PADI and SSI Rescue Diver

Duration: from 3 to 5 days
From 12 years

Take the Rescue Diver course, and nothing would escape your control

PADI Rescue Diver is designed for all divers, regardless of whether they dive a lot or a little, it teaches to prevent and manage problems in the water. Thus, you will gain security and peace of mind by knowing how to deal with stressful and risky situations while diving.

It is often thought that it is a course for those who want to become professionals in diving, but it is not. You will become the best diving partner by learning to self rescue and rescue colleagues.

At Dawn Dives Academy, in addition to offering the best training, we make the Rescue Diver a very dynamic and fun course. It is one of the most enjoyed by our students.


To take the Rescue Diver it is necessary:

  • Be over 12 years old.
  • Having the Open Water certification and be Adventure Diver (first half of the Advanced course with the navigation dive done).
  • Having done the Emergency first Response within the last 24 months. If you do not have it, we will include it in the Rescue Diver.

The Rescue Diver course consists of several parts:

  • Theory section, with 5 modules.
  • Exercises and practices of self rescue and rescue others, both in the pool and at sea. Some of these practices are:
    • Self rescue
    • Equipment troubleshooting under water and on the surface.
    • Dealing with stressed divers.
    • Emergency Management.
    • Rescueing divers in panic.
    • Rescueing unconscious divers.
    • Organizing and directing a search for lost divers.
  • Rescue drills, in which a scenario is presented imitating a real situation that the student must solve, with the knowledge and techniques acquired during the course.
  • Dive site emergency plan.

* Emergency First Response course (if you have not obtained it within the last 24 months).

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